Debutant Full Stack Developers

We are hiring for graduates who want to become Full Stack Developers. It doesn’t matter whether you topped your class or you were a back bencher. It doesn’t matter whether you are a computer geek or naïve computers. We are hiring people who want to live by their code.

Who Are ‘WE’?

• We are Young, Dynamic and Curious like you.

What is this ‘’?

• Nothing! but Just awesome people together who Do things, which do not form a part of the ‘BOX’.

You sound like a Start-up. Are you guys a Start-up company?

• Oh Yeah, now you are cranking! We are the next BIG thing in the startup world.

Do I have a career growth?

• Uh we have an escalator designed for your growth. You Jussssssssssssssz need to step in.

What we offer

• Opportunity to solve tough problems and build world class products
• Get known for what you built as against the number of lines of code you wrote
• Opportunity to learn and use the latest Tech stack and development processes
• Work from anywhere, Really
• Flexible working hours

You’ll fit if

• Your idea of a fun weekend is to fix a nifty plugin you saw on Github that you think you can write better.
• You feel restless if you haven’t coded for a day
• You love elegant and beautiful code the way others love poetry
• You don’t like Testing engineers

Don’t apply if

• You secretly admire your cousin who works for a global IT services company
• Your ambition is to be “Well settled”
• You want to work in a 9 to 6 job

What you can expect from us

• Opportunity to learn and use the latest Tech Stack and tools.
• Opportunity to learn to build world class Internet products.
• Work from anywhere.
• Flexible working hours.
• Programming is your passion and you can write code.
• You want to make your cousin who works in a global IT services company jealous coz you will soon know more than him.

Apply to us if

• You have a strong problem solving ability and can constantly think in object oriented mode
• You’ve learnt more new things in the last 6 months than the average Joe has in the last 3 years
• You believe Coding is about thinking and not about the language
• You want to meet other people who want to build great products

Hiring Process

Our hiring process is fun because we don’t do interviews in stuffy rooms. We will ask you to code for any cool, quirky, funny, or sometimes silly problems that come to our minds.

TO REFER: Just email this text to your friend and CC us at If your friend is hired, we pay you 5 big ones.